port city show Portland, Maine Photography Exhibit

Port City Show is a juried photography exhibit featuring work by 34 photographers with one subject: The city of Portland, Maine.

Portland has a strong arts presence, and hosts many great shows. This time the City is the subject of the show. With photos from the Old Port to Morrill's Corner, the show captures a glimpse of life in Maine's largest city.

The show will open June 20, and run through the end of July 2009. At Portland Photo Works in Portland's Arts District.

Also thanks the judges, Chris Busby, Editor and Publisher of The Bollard (Portland's best independent newspaper and website).


Email portcityshow@gmail.com

or call 207-228-5829



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Participating Photographers:

Alex Arbuckle
John Bald
Samuel Blake
Bruce Brown
Melissa Burgess
Michael Cempa
Sergei Chaparin
C.C. Church
Jere DeWaters
Scott Dorrance
Jenny Doughterty
Doug Emerson
Daniel Frederick
Leana Good-Simpson
Deb Heald
Michael Heiko
David Hobson
Becky Kitchen
Steve Langerman
Ben Long
Anna Low
Savin Mattazzi
Merita McKenzie
James O'Reilly
Dan Olds
Nora Ordway
Mark Rockwood
Sean Salter
Gary Selby
Ellen Stein
Jeff Swanson
Sue Swanson
Maria Varnalis
Charlie Widdis


portland photo works

Portland Photo Works | 142 High Street, 2nd floor | Portland, Maine 04101